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PCRS Capital Partners, L.L.C. was established by a private group of investors to provide seed money to "high tech" and "internet related" emerging growth companies. Opportunities to experience rapid capital appreciation are available in these sectors, as new start-ups seek to provide web-based solutions to businesses around the world.

PCRS Capital Partners seek to identify solid ideas through a myriad of personal relationships, with the core underwriting standard that great ideas require experienced and knowledgeable implementers with proven track records.

As an investor in start-up companies, the risk of loss can be substantial and/or up to all of your invested funds. Thus, all investors should exercise extreme discretion and caution in determining if this fund is the appropriate investment vehicle for your portfolio.

We are determined to communicate the status of our investments as regularly as possible via e-mail and postings on this website. "Angel Fund" investments tend to be long term (2-5 years) in nature and typically do not provide any dividends or sharing of revenues prior to sale of company, merger or Initial Public Offering (IPO). Thus, regular earnings may not be reported as you may be used to with publicly traded companies. Additionally, start up companies often require additional capital fund raising which may dilute our position from time to time, if we choose not to participate in additional rounds of financing.

The Investment Update section is an archive of all eMail updates sent to all investors. Also, the Investment Summary section includes more detailed information regarding the companies we have invested in and the amount in which we participated.

Additional questions should be directed to:

Ken Okajima | Managing Director
5325 E. Pacific Coast Highway
Long Beach, CA  90804

p> 562-985-0564   f> 562-498-7167  e>